Paula Murphy Sawyer

Here Is What I do.
Have a small business? Don’t have time to promote your business or create online presence? This is where I can be of help. My mind operates like an entrepreneur with a retail & corporate background, so naturally I can relate with trying to juggle all it takes to run a business. Social Media & Marketing is really front and center as to where consumers will go to find out about you and what you do. My purpose is to help you get info, stories, about your business out on social media channels. My specialties are food, hospitality, tourism,  small boutiques, Mom & Pop shops and local business.
Social Media Management Across Social Channels
Written Content – telling YOUR story
Digital Graphic Design
Photography & Short Video

Email Marketing & Blogging
Website Support

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My Clients Include:
ADB Marketing
Archibald Electric
Betsy Frost Design
Blaze Johnson Real Estate Team
Bucciarelli’s Butcher Shop
Forever Green Newburyport
The Green Box Film
Greetings By Design, Newburyport
The Grog Restaurant

Ipswich Smiles Dental Practice
Ipswich Chamber of Commerce – Board of Directors Member as well as social media & digital communications for local small business – restaurants, inns, retail shops, cafes & breweries
Ipswich Inn Bed and Breakfast
Ipswich Lions Club

The Grog Restaurant
Michael’s Harborside Restaurant
Newburyport Chamber of Commerce and Industry
social media & digital communications for local small business – restaurants, inns, retail shops, and industrial business.
S!Y Communications
Soak & Shoreline, Newburyport
Super Subs of Ipswich

Where my story starts.
Fortunately, I have always been surrounded by people who have provided me with creative inspiration. My Dad was my first influencer. This is a story dedicated to him, because he is the reason I do the work that I do. He was a successful commercial artist, abstract painter on canvas, sign painter and hand letterer on signs, storefronts and billboards, as well as a musician and photographer.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade-Credit Elliott Erwitt

In New York City, as a child, I was exposed to various forms of art & media that my Dad produced over the years to make a living. He sold his paintings in Greenwich Village, freelanced for the Nielsen Media Research company, and hand-painted the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade oversized balloons.

Paul W. Bradford – my father

When we moved to Boston, Dad was a freelance artist for many businesses and an underground newspaper called “The Avatar”. It was produced by a historic well-known commune group in Fort Hill, Roxbury during the 60s. I remember visiting those communes with him, observing true creativity as he delivered his artwork. When he worked for Chiquita Banana, then ran the Design Studio for Filene’s Boston, I would visit him often at work behind the scenes with window display artists and designers. He would set me up at his drafting table to draw. I attended art classes at the MFA and entered local art contests throughout my childhood. When I met Bradford Washburn, the Museum of Science Director in Boston after he presented me with an award for a contest co-sponsored by Filene’s and the museum, I was truly inspired.

With Bradford Washburn – Dinosaur Drawing Contest

The Overall Impact on My Career
Parental influence encouraged me to be creative, surround myself with like-minded people, be open to new things and just work hard. I pursued my college education in Graphic Design kickstarting a 10 year career in Advertising as Studio Manager for Arnold Worldwide. I have since educated myself in Digital Marketing  & Social Media, while working for print, technology, marketing industries and now for local small business. My focus is mostly working with food, hospitality and tourism – which are my true passions. Dad helped plant those seeds.

How Did I Name My Business – Lola Wesley Marketing? Lola and Wesley are our beloved Jack Russell Terriers. In dedication to them, I am fueled by their energy, focus, passion, warmth, loyalty and the excitement that the Jack Russell breed displays every day.

The two original founders of Lola Wesley Marketing