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Ipswich Inn Bed & Breakfast

You want something done? You can depend on Paula. You want to see results? She will map things out, and help you navigate. She will get you the results that you did not know you were even looking for. She opens doors.
– Ray Morley, Owner, Innkeeper of Ipswich Inn Bed and Breakfast

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  1. I am so thankful Paula is a part of my team. She is always thinking about the next step for my business–and it is because of her that my business has grown on every level. She is professional, kind, talented and doesn’t miss a beat or forget a thing. She is a creative and flexible, and her expertise in the wide field of marketing is just what my business needed. She has the skill set and experience to create fun advertising campaigns, websites, blogs, newsletters and e-blasts as well as coordinate and execute full-on promotional events. She also has her ear to the pulse of what is new and impactful in the ever changing world of social media. Most importantly, she is a wonderful to work with and has become a great friend as well as a valuable part of my business team.

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